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13 Jan 2017

Living Tool

Happy New Year everybody! Today we would like to give you a brief introduction to Rainbow Skies' crafting system. If you have played Rainbow Moon, you might already know a little bit about this. We have added a lot of new features and improvements to the system in Rainbow Skies. Please enjoy today's update. :-)

The Basics

Once crafting has been unlocked in-game, all your weapons and equipment can be upgraded by merging them with materials. Materials are obtained by defeating monsters in battle. Overall hundreds of different materials can be found in the game, many of them suitable for crafting. Suitable materials possess attributes (Strength, Defense, Speed, Luck, HP or MP) and sometimes even other unique features.

Craft your gear at the Weaponsmith

Each weapon or equipment has a number of slots and each slot can hold one material that is suitable for crafting. Each crafting process is final, which means it cannot be reverted. However, crafting is free of charge and your equipment's value increases each time it has been improved. Since you will come across better and more powerful materials all the time, we strongly advise you to make good use of the system. :-)

Crafting Step 1Crafting Step 2

What's New

Once the crafting system has been enabled, each weapon and equipment can gain experience points (XP) and level up. Depending on the equipment, XP can be gained in battle in different ways, such as by dealing damage, taking damage, using items or executing skills. By leveling up your weapons or equipment, new crafting slots can be activated. Some of the more basic equipment can only be leveled up a few times, while others have a much higher potential and can unlock up to 99 crafting slots.

Weapons & Equipment will gain XP in battle

In addition to leveling up your weapons and equipment, crafting crystals can be found in the game. Similar to Rainbow Moon, crafting crystals can be used to upgrade your equipment into a special +1 version, which leads to improved stats. We have made a number of interesting changes and improvements to the system:

  • Some of your gear can now be upgraded up to 9 times. (to create a +9 version!)
  • Crystals are available in 9 colors. Each crystal can be used to upgrade an equipment by +1 step.
  • Every attribute will gain a +10% boost at each upgrade. (or at least +1 point in value)
  • All materials are fully preserved and no longer lost once your weapon/equipment has been upgraded.

While some of the lower level crafting crystals are quite easy to come by, others can be quite rare.

Upgrade your gear using Crafting Crystals

Furthermore, we have added a lot of visual polish and useful information to the crafting UI, such as:

  • Character portraits added.
  • Crystal information added. (This is no longer a secret!)
  • Item type info added.
  • Various animations added.
  • Crafting info added to equipment info tab.

Crafting info box 1Crafting info box 2


Last but not least, we have once again built in a lot of secrets into the crafting system and highly recommend you to experiment with it. Some materials that appear unsuitable for crafting at first, may actually contain hidden skills or conditions. Some of them can even be quite rare and powerful!

That's all for today. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please let us know by submitting a comment below.